Our Program

The Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Program is dedicated to enhancing the delivery of healthcare to older adults. We aim to bridge gaps in healthcare delivery for older adults by driving discovery and translational research and training the future pharmacist workforce.

The program is directed by Elvin Price, Ph.D. Other program faculty specializing in geriatric pharmacotherapy include Ericka Crouse, Pharm.D.; Krista Donohoe, Pharm.D.; Emily Peron, Pharm.D.; Youssef Roman, Pharm.D.; Patricia Slattum, Pharm.D., Ph.D.; and Kristin Zimmerman, Pharm.D. Together, the program faculty work to drive discovery and translational research that improves the quality of life for older Virginians; to equip the pharmacist workforce to meet the needs of aging adults through teaching and service; and by collaborating with clinicians, researchers and trainees.

Program History

The program was founded in 1998 under the direction of Jeffrey C. Delafuente, M.S., professor emeritus, former associate dean for academic affairs, and with the strong support of Victor A. Yanchick, Ph.D., emeritus professor and former dean. The program continued to flourish under the directorship of Patricia Slattum, Pharm.D., Ph.D., emeritus professor. The program has provided more than 2,500 clinical experiences, served more than 50 graduates of the combined Pharm.D./Certificate in Aging Studies program, and mentored more than 20 graduate students as well as a variety of clinical trainees. The program and program faculty have led innovative and award-winning practice models serving older Virginians. The team’s research innovations have been supported by NIH, HRSA, and CMS funding, among others.